April 2020
A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

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News from the Gang of Brabant

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Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

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April 2020

Trump- a disinforming and scolding lout in the biggest crisis since the 2nd World War

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He lies, he bullies, he looks for scapegoats. That's all Trump's got to offer. 


The American president has blocked payments to the WHO. He justifies this because Trump lies WHO failed at the beginning of the Corona crisis when the virus from China became a threat. 

The truth is: Trump himself has made the mistakes and is now looking for a compliant scapegoat whom he can hold responsible for the failure of his policies, for the ever lying and ever nagging self-promoter. He, Trump is intellectually completely overwhelmed and tries it in attack mode. 

America can no longer afford Trump.

The world can no longer tolerate him and his psychopathic nature. 

Trump is not a doer. He is just a harmful troublemaker who does not know how to deal with democracy and therefore treats the critical press as if it were a dictatorship.

Trump is no longer appropriate for the times. Under his incipient megalomania, he wants to become the US dictator of the 21st century. 

Trump is becoming such a great disgrace to the democratic apparatus of the United States that now even the governors of the US states are mutinying and no longer want to listen to his eternal self-praise sloppiness. Trump cannot do anything else. He is not capable of mastering a crisis. For him, money is the means of choice to overcome any crisis—money that doesn't belong to him, but on which he now wants his insignia printed. Just to show: "This is Donald Trump. I gave you the check, so vote for me too." He abuses the office of President of the United States every day to excess. 

Donald Trump is too simple-minded to see necessities but brutal enough to let his countrymen die for election victory. Trump develops more and more into a dictator far removed from American ideas and into a nationalist who only brings shame to the world and above all brings shame to his people. He is not able to interpret and satisfy the elementary needs of the American people during the Corona crisis. 


Trump is an insult to the United States.

Trump is a liar and a rabble-rouser, which he does best. He is a disinformation. Donald Trump obfuscates. He doesn't think twice when he can call innocent people names. Donald Trump is incapable of criticism when he gives his daily briefings to the world public, to which even the favourite radio station of the American despot no longer wants to listen. Fox News. Nobody wants to have anything to do with him. He, the centre of the world, is now once again the one who has to put up with questions about his presidential administration. He can't. He doesn't want to either. 

Just when you see Trump, you think you have a sick man in front of you, who doesn't think before he says something, but only starts yakking away, without any sense or reason. During a pandemic that threatens humanity, withdrawing money from the United Nations Organization shows just how stupid Donald Trump is. He is not a businessman, at best, an unfriendly lout. Trump is a simple failure. He is the biggest loser of the whole Corona crisis because the virus has exposed him unscrupulously and presented him for what he is: a simple liar and cheat on his people. 

America must quickly draw consequences against this president, who is not suitable for the people before American democracy is severely damaged by the brainless actions of its would-be president. 



Was the cryptoqueen Dr Ruya Ignatova murdered? 

Substantial bounties and indictments from all over the world

Now Dr Ignatova has been almost two and a half years gone from the face of the earth. First, the woman who was not pregnant went on maternity leave and never returned. She ran the pyramid game OneCoin until she disappeared at the end of 2017.

There are also no longer any pictures that show the former fiery-eyed, always heavily made-up beauty, who went to school in Schramberg in the Black Forest, Germany, in more recent times.  


Her brother Konstantin Ignatov, nicknamed Konsti Keks, was arrested at the Los Angeles airport about a year ago after he had taken over the company from his sister in 2017. The US justice here the district attorney Cyrus Vance from New York has written a lengthy indictment against the Ignatov Clan.


"Konsti (Keks) cookie" in better days, screenshot Konstantin Ignatov Facebook

Billions are missing. Supposedly between 6 and 12 billion euros. No one was ambitious with millions.  It is these funds that are being sought, not the snobbish egocentric who suddenly disappeared into thin air in 2017, after she was apparently arrested at Munich airport, but was deported to Bulgaria days later. Until her disappearance, she was the ideal tool of the mafia.

The question is, is the public face of OneCoin still alive?


Probably not. The pressure is and has been very high internationally. It was suspected that Dr Ruja Ignatova could move freely within Europe with a Ukrainian passport. This passport is now attributed to a double. Even the rumour that she was taken in by a Russian oligarch was probably just a ruse that she was pulling when she could still act in public. The fact that she would sail across the oceans on her yacht Davina is also not actual. The luxury boat is anchored in Sozopol on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. According to the employees, it is rusting there. The Sunseeker yacht is said to be for sale. 


The news of death need not be accurate, but manifold traces led back then already into the milieu, which does not talk long but acts very fast. Her brother testified that since 2017 he had no contact with his sister, who was then under the protection of a wealthy Russian. She had fled via Austria to Greece. After that, the trace of the cryptogoddess vanished near the mountain of Olympus. 


Early justified critics of the system were aware of constant death threats, which had to be taken seriously. Investors heard warnings straight from the mafia's maw. As it looks today, the Bulgarian, Italian and African mafia, led by the Russian mafia, joined forces to launder billions easily. At last, there was a consensus. Dr Ruja Ignatova was only the executive force, a puppet whose idea was perhaps adopted by the mafiosos. That's all it took with the Bulgarian woman. 

A frontwoman was needed. But the girl with the initially doll-like face, who was already extremely unpopular at school in Schramberg, was good for that. The underworld, genuinely enthusiastic about so much effort, just had to wait to legalize their formerly criminal machinations. The Blockchain was only the Trojan that triggered an unexpected hype. Probably even the initiators were overwhelmed with success. Quickly came the descent of the fairy tale princess, who for a time was the hope of millions of Blockchain disciples. At the end of 2018, it became too delicate even for the company's sales agent in Belize, when the US Federal Police FBI was already investigating the backers of the supposed digital currency after even the otherwise sluggish authorities of Belize had issued a warning supported by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Consequence: Mr Santiago Gonzalez resigned.


As in any pyramid game, OneCoin was licensed to print and launder money. This time it was a blockchain, but it was founded for other purposes. Outwardly, the increasingly chubby woman looked like the leader of a financial sect, as seen in her 2016 appearance at Wembley, where thousands of followers cheered her on, and she chanted the crypto goddess. 

Her life sounded in the public performance of like the path of Cinderella, who escaped from late socialism, to become the Crypto Princess. "She grew up in Bulgaria until she moved to Germany at the age of 10. For a young, hard-working foreigner, the transition was not easy, and Dr Ignatova had to learn a new language and begin to prove herself. She lived in Germany both as a student and later as a businesswoman, where she developed her entrepreneurial spirit. She received her doctorate in law from the University of Konstanz, completed her law studies at the University of Oxford (M.Jur.) and obtained a master's degree in law at the University of Konstanz and a master's degree in economics at the Fernuniversität Hagen. Before founding OneCoin, Dr Ignatova was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and managed one of the largest asset management funds in Bulgaria, CSIF, where she managed more than €250 million. Dr Ignatova was named "Businesswoman of the Year" in Bulgaria in 2014 by Lord Evgeni Minchev and "International Businesswoman of the Year" in 2012. Described by some as the "Crypto Queen", Dr Ignatova has become one of the world's leading cryptocurrency experts and visionaries".


OneCoin was founded in 2014 by Dr Ruja Ignatova in Sofia, Bulgaria, together with other people apparently from the Mafia society, such as the Swede Sebastian Greenwood. Many believe that Greenwood is the one who belonged to the mafia and should have the best connections to the Bulgarian government. Sebastian Greenwood was extradited from Thailand to the USA in 2018.  Any clear-thinking investor could have realized that Dr Ruja Ignatova, who holds a doctorate in law, had not invented the Blockchain, only the pyramid game that was attached to it by countless companies and dubious brokers.

Detached, Sebastian Greenwood with his former boss, Screenshot Facebook Greenwood

Quickly numerous offshore companies were established, such as through AMS Company Management Limited Suite 16, Block 5, Watergardens PO Box 417 Gibraltar, (which together with the parent company, Veska Ignatova, Pegaron Invest Limited, Sofia) offered an international platform for money laundering for drug and darknet shops, human trafficking etc. These services were provided on numerous underground platforms. On 27 March 2014 the absurd branch office was established in an offshore office service provider, here in the building in Watergardens in Gibraltar.


After that the Bulgarians were still listed in Sovereign Trust (Gibraltar) Ltd - Trust & Company Managers Suite 2B, 143 Main Street. This place was the last known address in the English enclave in Spain. There, where also the "exceptional Chris", who we edited in some articles, has or had his mailbox domicile. On 26 August 2016, Veska Ignatova applied to remove OneCoin Limited from the Gibraltar register of companies.

Main Street Gibraltar, kasaan media, 2019

But the rise of the Crypto Princess or the later Crypto Queen was like something out of a script: Hollywood could not have written the dialogues better for the frontwoman, who seemed more and more like a matron from another time. From the performance on "Dr Ruja Ignatova is the founder of OneCoin, the OneLife network and the OneAcademy. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dr Ignatova today manages a company that is represented in almost all countries and on six continents."  Even probably in Antarctica, to make the penguins OneCoin tasty. The attentive observer should have already understood that. Besides, for all underprivileged people, there was the necessary foundation: It is not possible to say what extent the foundation developed, but it is said that considerable amounts of money were laundered here as well. Even Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke and other celebrities had to be godfathers.


Screenshot OneCoin Instagram


2nd part The tracks lead to Gibraltar and Monaco


New York District Attorney's Office

Companies House Gibraltar

International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

Gerlach Report

Black Forest messenger 


Trade journal


Bank of Ireland


own research




Coronavirus - scary information related to bats - the origin of the Covid-19 virus leads to a cave in Kunming

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Opaque braid

The SARS COVID-19 virus is still a mystery; it seems to have an incredible ability to adapt. China accused the US of having brought the mysterious virus from America. By this, China probably meant the funding of the program at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Disinformation campaigns from both sides are now commonplace. Trump, known as an absolute conspiracy theorist, fuelled the discussion. China by appointing Major General Chen Wei, who worked for many years in the Chinese People's Army's biological weapons programme, as the person responsible for combating the SARS COVID-19 virus in China.


What is the truth of this news first published in the Daily Mail?


It is evident in this context that bats have a high number of different viruses that can jump at any time in unhygienic conditions such as a wild animal market in Wuhan. However, this fact has been known not only since yesterday but also from the investigations into Ebola in the Congo. There, the virus was probably transmitted through wild animal markets, and again by captured bats. In early 2019, the Ebola virus was discovered in the long-winged bat of the species Miniopterus inflatus, which lives in caves and feeds on insects.

Project on bats funded by the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory experimented with captive bats from a cave in Yunnan, China. The animals were taken to a cave just over 1000 km from Wuhan, for whatever reason, were brought to Wuhan on behalf of whomever to experiment with these bats. The spicy thing is that the bats come from the cave where the SARS COVID-19 epidemic is said to have had its fatal beginning. This issue is what scientists claim to have discovered from the genome. This Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory (a level four biosafety laboratory, which is said to be the highest level) is at the centre of many conspiracy theories about where the virus finally jumped over.  The laboratory is no longer funded by the US government, according to unnamed British government sources. Why did the United States of America research this virus via a laboratory in Wuhan in the People's Republic of China?


It is an absolute conspiracy theory that the Coronavirus was part of the People's Republic of China's biological weapons programme. The Washington Post already exposed this statement as fake news. The Chinese government should not be blamed in general. On January 26, 2020, however, the Washington Times wrote about documents that the laboratory in Wuhan would in one way or another stand by the Chinese biological weapons program. The newspaper probably referred to the testimony of former Israeli military intelligence officer Dany Shoham, who has been investigating China's bio-warfare, who said during an interview that the institute was linked to Beijing's covert biological weapons program.

So how can it be that the USA supported this laboratory?

So how did the virus escape, which has claimed more than 100,000 victims since the outbreak last November?

The most incredible statement in this context: "Bat samples were taken ten times at different seasons in their natural habitat at a single location (cave) in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, from April 2011 to October 2015. Bats were captured, and faecal swabs were taken."


Who ordered these faecal swabs? The question is not answered or only partly explained. Allegedly, as the South China Morning Post reported on February 6, the scientists wanted to get a grip on the SARS virus.

In the laboratory about 20 kilometres from Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. One possibility would be that laboratory staff were infected by blood from bats, which then transmitted the virus at the wild market in Wuhan. Or perhaps one or more bats by a stupid coincidence came to the market in Wuhan, where it then jumped over, probably to another farm animal, which then, however, transmitted the virus to humans. A scientific treatise from China in English.


The discovery of a gene pool of bat-SARS-related coronaviruses provided insights into the origin of the SARS coronavirus. So does this mean that the SARS coronavirus was already known in 2017? What was done with the virus, knowing that bats in Africa transmit the Ebola virus?


And: Did Donald John Trump know about a series of tests that the United States had allegedly funded with 4 million US dollars years earlier? Is that why Trump had received the intelligence reports at the beginning of the year that pointed to a pandemic? Was the American President informed by the secret services that the virus had been examined in the laboratory? And did he wait, because he did not want to close down the economy due to the reason he would possibly lose the 2020 elections?

Is there a connection between the Ebola virus and the current SARS COVID 19 virus? Has the virus mutated in such a way that it is recurrent and recurs, as in South Korea, when the patient has already produced antibodies?

Or is a virus that exists naturally in bats?

What exactly did the laboratory in Wuhan want to find out?

Countless questions remain unanswered in this context, which only those responsible can clarify. 


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My Gomera (1)


As if from a tale by Jules Verne

La Gomera is the most beautiful island of the Canary Islands. The volcanic island, with its bizarrely shaped rocks of cooled lava, is one of the most impressive formations in the Atlantic Ocean. Those who live here can say to have arrived at least in an antechamber of paradise at the southern tip of Europe.

Only 40 km away from the main island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, and approximately at the height of the Moroccan city (Moroccan Western Sahara) Tarfaya, La Gomera offers ideal climatic conditions.  

After the end of Franco, a lot has changed here, although Gomera was already an insider tip in the times of the Spanish despot. At that time the hippies reviled by Madrid and the backpackers came to the island. From approximately 1970, more Europeans came to the island. Gomera is already a little, no very much Africa, not only when the Kalima (wind from the Sahara) comes. Also, the mentality has adapted to the African continent. 

The splendour of nature is unique. Under palm trees on the European mainland already extinct butterfly species fly. In the cool, almost fairytale forest further up, mountain streams flow like in the Alps. The fauna and flora are of unique beauty, especially in the Garajonay National Park. Moss-covered trees, which seem to be from a novel by Jules Verne. It is also the loneliness of some houses that makes the magic. The terraces are used for productive agriculture. 

The capital San Sebastián de La Gomera is located in one of these bays. The roads are relatively right, also in the hinterland and the valleys. Just come with us if you can't take a holiday at the moment: 

View to the sea south near Garajonay, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020



Cedro, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020


Las Hayas, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020

Casamatte in the rocks near La Dama,hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020


A typical farm in the south of Garajonay National Park, watch out for the prickly pear cactus, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020



Marina La Gomera, hjk/mcvth, 2020


Agriculture in terraces and valleys, mostly tomatoes and potatoes, in the background the Teide on Tenerife, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Palm trees and sheep and goat farming on a small farm south of the national park, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Mercedes Benz, W124, 1978, hjk/mcvth, 2020

These vehicles can be found all over the island; one could almost assume that they are to be exploited thereby the general public. You can find cars, real oldtimers, for which a lot of money is paid in the rest of Europe, which do not exist anymore and which are slowly becoming rare here on the island.


Mercedes Benz, W124,1978, hjk/mcvth, 2020

Church of the Assumption in San Sebastián de la Gomera, hjk/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020


An abandoned house at the southern end of Garajonay National Park, hjk/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020


Surf near Valle Gran Rey, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

  Washed up a shipwreck, southern coast, hjk/mcvth, 2020


Washed up a shipwreck, southern coast, hjk/mcvth, 2020







Today 75 years ago, the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated.

Indescribable horror was revealed to the soldiers who invaded the camp. 

Those who cannot understand the horror should not deny it. 

What happened at the site near Weimar was part of the greatest crime in human history. 

Let us remember the victims of National Socialism. Resist the beginnings!




The access road to the crematorium, kasaan media, 2020



Retained buildings of the former disinfection and effects chamber, kasaan media, 2020


Information sign, kasaan media, 2020


Entrance gate with the cynical saying: Jedem das Seine, kasaan media, 2020



View of the site, kasaan media, 2020


Canadian Pharmacy Ltd -Spammers send their regards

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update 10.04.2020 

Anti-Corona products are now also sold under countless names. These do not exist. There is also no vaccination up to now. There is no effective medicine against the current epidemic - except social distancing. The drugs offered under many trade names can be ineffective or in the worst-case toxic. Hands off dubious offers of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Probably these drugs come from pharmacies in China, which nobody controls. 


Less is more

Thousands of spam messages from a dubious pharmacy are currently flooding the net. It's just before Christmas again and the spammers want to sell their products.

The offers are dubious like the registration number. Here, drugs are offered that probably do not even deserve the title drug.

In the offer Viagra and other potency drugs dubious offers, for which one does not need a prescription or a doctor.

International associations warn against pharmacies that do not have any approval or customer service. Neither are the drugs counterfeit, utterly ineffective or dangerous.

Most of the products on offer are produced in factories whose condition does not meet international standards. In the worst case, taking "drugs" can lead to death. Most of the time, the customers are just disappointed, but the pharmacy's affiliates are not. They send thousands of spams a day to the comment area of numerous companies to get at least one message through once.

The name of the pharmacy is changed if too many customers complain about the ineffectiveness of the colourful pills.

In Europe, there are enough pharmacies, also in online trade, which you can visit without having to fear health problems.

The rule is hands-off spammers from the pharmaceutical sector!



Son et Lumière - a French success story


What was first tried out at Chambord Castle in 1952 has since become very popular not only in other regions of France but also worldwide: the illumination of historical monuments utilizing special lighting effects and often combined with background music or storytelling. The sound and light show at the pyramids of Giza, for example, is very well known.

Extraordinary illuminations can be seen at various locations in Lorraine. Different cities use the most modern media technology to offer a spectacle to guests and locals alike, but also to draw attention to buildings and the exciting history of the region in an entertaining and sophisticated way. In summer, for example, there is video mapping at Metz Cathedral, a sound and light show at Toul Cathedral or the illumination at Lunéville Castle.


Hotel de Ville during the illumination, rm, kasaan media, 2019

But one of the most impressive is undoubted "Son et Lumière" on Place Stanislas in Nancy.


Duke Stanislas, former King of Poland, lived in France as Duke of Lorraine between 1733 and 1766. Through his building activities and ideas, he had a decisive influence on the present appearance of Nancy. The Place Stanislas, which was built according to his plans, is an architectural gem due to its uniform baroque architecture and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. This square, which has also been included in the Unesco World Heritage List or, to put it correctly, the buildings around the square have been providing the canvas for spectacular illumination since 2007. Once only thrown onto the façade of the Town Hall, the show now comprises a total of five buildings, including the Opera House, the Grand Hotel and the Museum of Art.

  Stanislas 1

Nancy Opera on the Place Stanislas, rm, kasaan media, 2019 

Between 15 June and 15 September 2019, anyone can experience the 20-minute event, which is free of charge to viewers, on the square at 10.45 p.m. in the evening, or 10.00 p.m. since 16 August. A warm summer evening with a good meal in one of the many street restaurants and then a spectacle of the extra class. The technology is realised via eight projectors and seven media servers. About eight kilometres of cable had to be laid for this. But an effort that is enjoying increasing popularity. In 2019, around 900,000 visitors were expected to come to Place Stanislas in the evening.  

Scenes from the history of Lorraine are presented in eleven individual sequences and reminded of prominent personalities from the region, including the famous astronomer Charles Messier, who came from Lorraine.   

A particular focus in 2019 will be on a homage to the opera of Nancy, which celebrates its 100th anniversary.

And as the crowning finale to the opera, the Queen of the Night.


Year after year, some of the sequences are exchanged so that a visit is always worthwhile.

Lorraine and the city of Nancy are worth a visit - especially in summer.


Son et Lumière, kasaan media, 2019


Nîmes - the magic of Southern France

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Nîmes is undoubtedly the pearl of southern France, located in the region of Occitania. Nîmes incredible history is still evident today in the urban development and lifestyle of the more than 2000-year-old metropolis.

Street café near the station, kasaan media, 2019



Nîmes was once a Roman settlement with today the only amphitheatre in the world still preserved in its original form.


Nîmes railway station, kasaan media, 2019

Nîmes is a city of extraordinary beauty, with Napoleonic and neoclassical buildings lining its streets. Here, too, the last few years have seen high levels of social dislocation, which began with the wave of refugees from Africa.



Amphitheatre forecourt, kasaan media, 2019


But Nîmes is also the starting point for fans of French bullfighting. Like a shining jewel, the former Roman arena in the centre of the city stands out almost majestically from all the other buildings.

Front yard, kasaan media, 2019


A visit to this 2000-year-old building is a must to do. At present, it is being restored. At the cash desk, you can get a recorder, which informs you about the eventful history of this monument. The view in the arena is breathtaking. One feels deeply connected with history. It is the breath of the journey through time. The Roman arena has lost nothing of its charm. Museums of Roman history complete the picture.

Street in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019

Countless cafés and restaurants offer visitors the cuisine of Southern France. Here you can feast to your heart's content, enjoy a bottle of red wine and let your soul dangle.

Prefecture in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019


Nîmes is on the edge of the Camargue, which stretches from there like a headland to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. One can observe wild horses and flamingos in the Étang. Nîmes is exciting, captivating for the visitor because it is here that antiquity meets modernity and has developed a flair that cannot be found anywhere else in France or the South.

Prefecture in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019


Promenades are the order of the day on the wide boulevards and desired, the history of the houses is told on numerous buildings - like here at the residence of a famous writer.

Side Boulevard Victor Hugo, kasaan media, 2019

Nîmes is léger and always offers a surprise. In the heart of the city, there is a park that blends in with the otherwise modern city centre. Hotels are a dime a dozen in Nîmes.

Bullfighting Monument, Boulevard Victor Hugo, kasaan media, 2019

But we recommend the Hotel Campanile in Mas-Carbonnel. The rooms are simple but practical. We recommend the hotel for the friendliness of the staff and the restaurant. There is a daily changing buffet for small money and main courses that are very tasty. With a glass of wine from Languedoc-Roussillon and the "savoir-vivre" is perfect.



La Cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor, kasaan media, 2019



Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019



At the Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019


Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019


Amphitheater Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019


Crime helter-skelter

Crime subculture organized in the bunker


A press conference was held yesterday as part of the charges brought by the General Prosecutor's Office in Koblenz against the operators and managers of the bunker in Traben-Trarbach. The shelter had been taken up last September. In the process, 403 servers, 57 mobile phones, 412 individual hard disks, 61 computers or laptops, 65 USB storage media, 16 SD cards and various CDs and floppy disks with a total data stock of more than two petabytes (over 2 million gigabytes) were seized. The operation was carried out by GSG 9 (Special unit) and mobile task forces, as well as hundreds of police officers.

Documents available to the editors speak their own language. Profit at any price and the ruthless pursuit of those who wanted to dry up the "bulletproof host" system. Besides, the collaboration with other groups of perpetrators who were not mentioned in the context of the current indictment, such as the operators of the so-called "southern cocaine route", as well as the many small "water carriers" of the "Bulletproof-Host" system, who nested in the slipstream of the bunker on the Moselle, which was procured by a Dutchman in 2013.

It has to be said that some of the servers could not be evaluated so far because the data is encrypted. 

Now, eight accused persons have been charged by the Landeszentralstelle Cybercrime (LZC) of the General Prosecutor's Office in Koblenz at the Regional Court in Trier, including the Juvenile Criminal Court, as some of the accused still fall under juvenile criminal law.  For reasons of procedural economy, only a few offences were charged. 


Pseudo E-Bay for darknet cave newts


The explanations were very detailed for the fact that the judiciary in Koblenz is entering uncharted legal territory by accusing the accused in the sense of a criminal association, and by mutually attributing the acts to the participants, which made it possible for the perpetrators to commit the acts at all. Drug trafficking, counterfeit money deals, data theft, child porn, computer sabotage, murder orders, bodily injury, cyber-attacks, extortion and money laundering were the business model of the heroes of the digital underground.

Everything was contained in the "colourful bouquet of products" of the men from the bunker.

Like cave newts, they formed the interface to all darkness dealers of the internet. The aggressive advertising caught not only the eye of the knowledgeable observer but also the "Trojanisation" of legal products on the internet, which were then also traded in the legal part of the internet, partly via mailboxes, by affiliated dealers. However, entire shops were also hosted, which, like "Cannabis Road", only existed for a few months and then disappeared from the market, as is usual in the industry. But the cut was made. One example was the Darknet marketplace "Wall Street Market", an invariably profitable market where drugs were traded in the kg range. Other business areas were not limited to drug trafficking from China, but also included fraudulent Bitcoin lotteries, Darknet marketplaces for weapons, counterfeit money, murder orders and child pornography, and identity theft.  This operation was carried out via, according to the LKA and the public prosecutor's office, 6,581(!) Darknet websites. Own distribution rings, organized through the "Bulletproof Host", were directed out of the bunker.  Serious assault on order and an interface to scammers, such as drug and medicine dealers of self-sufficient dealers, were also coordinated from here. 


Not to mention the countless people-smugglers and money launderers, blackmailers. Everything illegal was allowed. The bunker was run according to the latest management and market profitability criteria. Investigators still erroneously assume that "only" drug markets were formed in the darknet or botnets in the digital underground. To reach further groups of buyers, the operators, mainly from the Netherlands, decided early on to enter the Clearnet. Parts of the Clearnet of the network should still exist. 

Data was also collected here against possible opponents of the "bulletproof host" and affiliated shops, for which orders were then placed to silence the people concerned.


Since 2016 there were various hints on the bunker, but they were not seen in context. 



A German town: Bad Sachsa / Harz

Bad Sachsa has an eventful history.

More than a thousand years old, the town is located at the foot of the Harz Mountains, almost precisely on the German-German border at the time of the German division.

Bad Sachsa is a thermal cure resort. Tourism in Bad Sachsa has existed since 1860. 

The relocation of the military research institute from Peenemuende to Bad Sachsa during the Second World War is also worth mentioning today.  

Many families who lived in Bad Sachsa at that time were forcibly arrested and deported.

Bad Sachsa was a stronghold of the Nazis.

In Bad Sachsa, research on the V2 and its successors continued. Prisoners from the nearby concentration camp Dora-Mittelbau were cruelly used. Wernher von Braun and Dornberger were accommodated in Bad Sachsa until the bombing of Nordhausen in April 1945.


The St. Nikolai church and the borderland museum, (Grenzlandmuseum) which communicates the German-German division very vividly, are places that every tourist should have visited at the foot of the southern Harz Mountains.

Here are some impressions of the town: 




Towncenter,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



Towncenter,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



Typical timber framing ,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

The villa section of Bad Sachsa,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Ruin on the Harz mountains, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

The pond of Bad Sachsa, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

The Waterstairs, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Willow,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Radio tower in the adjacent Harz, kasaan media, 2020


Not to be used as a car but as a flower pot, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



Mountain sea in the Harz, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


An unspoilt natural environment, birches in winter, hjk/mcvt, kasaan media, 2020




A geological fault,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020 


Down in the valley, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


A geological fault,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Beech,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


 Forest lake in the mist,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Ski slope,hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020   

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South Africa and Namibia


SARS Covid19 and the consequences - We stay at home and practice social distancing

SARS Covid19 and the consequences - We stay at hom…

22 March, 2020 | Hits:516

  Loss of reality is a matter of life and death. What is so difficul...

Cold Case

News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

29 December, 2017 | Hits:431

Update: update 12/17/2018 Who recognises these number plates or vehicl...

South Africa

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

27 October, 2017 | Hits:520

South African diaries of the 1980s (1st volume)   A poem from Pieterm...


A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

28 March, 2020 | Hits:521

  The crisis around the globe The Corona crisis has affected the whol...


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