February 2020
A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

  The crisis arou...

News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

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Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

South African diaries of ...

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February 2020

PiS free zone

  • Published in Europe

For a year now, the right-wing junta in Poland has been trying to transfigure its area of power into an LGBT-free zone. Now it has declared one-third of the Polish Republic LGBT-free. This means that gays, lesbians and transgender people are, so literally, unwanted. The world already had this once with Hitler.

You wonder what comes next, deportations, labour camps?

All at the expense of the EU?

What is the next thing that the henchmen of the Kaczynski regime come up with to create a world view that cannot correspond to any democratic government?



The apparatus of a dictatorship that abolishes itself through its actions, as propagated by the PiS, would be desirable. Anyone who doubts the objectives of the European Union, and this mainly includes human rights, has no more business in the Union. Poland is threatening to use the idea of reparations payments against Germany and is now behaving like a light dictatorship. Even the benevolent voices no longer want to talk about a democratic process within the Polish Government.

Poland is showing with the historical misrepresentation and the dismantling of the democratic state, as well as with the declaration against the LGBT, that they have unfortunately turned away so far from the goals of Europe that they can no longer sit at the table of the European nations. Polish nationalism has already led to the destruction of the Polish nation. How can such a regime of anti-democrats be supported with money from the EU coffers? Poland does not accept democracy as Europe sees it. After even making history in Poland a punishable offence, if it is not to the liking of the Kaczynski puppets, something will undoubtedly be found to increase the number of undesirables persons on Polish territory. In spreading lies, hatred and conspiracy theories, the junta in Warsaw has shown that it is itself circumcising justice. There are many punishments for the Kaczynski clan.

First of all, the suspension of EU membership for an indefinite period, so that Poland would no longer receive money from the EU. This would undoubtedly lead to considerable annoyance among the population. And the next election victory of the PiS would be a bad one. We would all like to have a PiS free zone, where politicians who seem to have an affinity for right-wing ideas are unwanted.



In Poland, it is now standard practice to be always showered with Nazi films and, as with every right-wing nationalist government, to glorify as heroes those who were the victims in history. In the imagination of the ruling PiS party, the ones made heroes who were the real victims: Polish intellectuals and those who stood up against Nazism.

But that was a long time ago, and the many little Kaczynskis need Polish apartheid to survive and to release the general thirst for life.

France- a step in the right direction

A daily measure of moderate politics of the Kaczynski disciples, which would have resulted from human experience, especially from National Socialism and the later following socialism of Władysław Gomułka, Wojciech Jaruzelski is lost. Poland's declaration on LGBT free zones is no longer acceptable to the European Union for many reasons. According to Heise Online, a French city has cancelled the town twinning, which had existed for 25 years, in protest.



Enough! The conspiracy theories surrounding Corona are intolerable

  • Published in World

Crude theories on a serious topic

A thousand theories, but no explanation... conspiracy theorists are fabricating.

Some people will leave nothing behind when it comes to stirring up fear, to get some profit out of that fear. Mostly it's right-wing wackos who blame the refugee crisis for the virus outbreak.




What gain, we can't say. At present, it is highly regarded that the virus was created in a laboratory by some political or criminal madmen.

In researching this article, we found that the real troublemakers are doing everything they can to exacerbate the crisis and create fear in the population. Countless theories about the coronavirus are being spun in the social networks.

In social media, it is circulated that the countries most affected, China, Iran, probably North Korea, are the enemies of the United States. This issue is entirely absurd, as is the claim that the virus was exposed by use of banknotes on the market in Wuhan.
The conspiracy theorists should bear in mind that such a spread of viruses would also affect the person who exposed them. Apart from that, it would be an unprecedented crime.
In this connection, it has been claimed that the euro and the US dollar were currency at the fish market in Wuhan. No, it was the renminbi yuan—the currency used in China.
Nor are there any slaughtered rats sold on the market, or even snails that are grown on rubbish heaps.

Banknotes - this outrageous rumour probably originated from the Chinese decision to disinfect the notes. This precaution can only be reasonable.

Baba Wanga, a home and court prophet for conspiracy theorists were posthumously sought. She had claimed in one of her unbearable visions that after the use of biological weapons, Europe would be deserted. But this was attributed to strategists of a Muslim terrorist group that the world has not yet heard of.
For example, the virus was crossed with the lung anthrax pathogen because it is biphasic. It may be that the virus is particularly insidious because the transmission route has not yet been identified.
But who knows? Scientists, this time reputable ones, certainly not.

Of course, since the SARS virus of 2002-2003, every effort has been made to contain the threat. The search has included laboratory experiments with these viruses to produce a vaccine. It is logical and has been common practice in medicine for many decades.
No, these are not the first signs of the apocalypse either, which have been handed down in the biblical revelations - the virus and at the same time a terrible plague of locusts which has spread in Arabia. No, the sky will not be dark, and the horsemen will not come either. At least not right away.

It also has nothing to do with the epidemics of past centuries. Like 1919/20, for example, the "Spanish flu", which killed millions after World War I. Decades after the plague had subsided, there was still the Russian flu in 1978 and 1979 and later the related swine flu. At the moment, scientists and doctors can only be concerned with breaking the chains of infection, not with fighting conspiracy theories and panic-mongering during an epidemic.


The Borgward Isabella TS


When Borgward still existed


In the 1950s, the Isabella TS was one of the most advanced vehicles produced by Carl Borgward's carmakers in Bremen-Sebaldsbrück.
These were the days when German automotive art was reinventing itself.


The four-cylinder in-line engine was economical, and the car accelerated to an impressive 135 km per hour in 1958. It produced 60 hp at 4,700 pm.


Borgward Isabella TS, 1958, kasaan media, 2018
Borgward Isabella TS, 1958, kasaan media, 2018



Surprisingly, the car, which at the time cost around DM 7,265 (3,719 euros), was sold more than 200,000 times. It was a bestseller of the Borgward works, which was declared bankrupt some years later under the most dubious circumstances despite a plus on the balance sheet. Mercedes-Benz wanted to oust an unpopular competitor from the market. There are still countless legends surrounding the end of one of the most innovative car manufacturing plants in German post-war history. The Borgward-, Lloyd- und Goliath-GmbH (Carl F. W. Borgward G. m. b. H. Automobil- und Motoren-Werke, main plant in Bremen-Sebaldsbrück) was sent to the settlement in the summer of 1961 after an opaque manoeuvre; loan negotiations had held with the Bremen Senate.



For the people of Bremen, who at the time had around 20,000 employees in the Borgward plant, who then lost their jobs due to the critical reporting, which from today's perspective was probably bought, turned the situation into a fiasco.
The cars were technically superior to the Mercedes-Benz models of the time and could not surpass in form and beauty.


The bankruptcy trustee, Johannes Semler, who had been appointed by the Bremen Senate, had also served on the supervisory board of BMW since 1960.
Carl Borgward did not survive the injustice for long, and he died in 1963. His cars, like the Isabella, remained unrivalled and outlived their producers by decades in the thousands.



Woman murdered in GDR times poses a riddle


Female skeleton found more by chance


In April 2011, the skeleton of a woman was found during construction work in a septic tank/cesspit on the site of the former collection point for secondary raw materials (SERO). The case is still cold, it was not possible to clarify the facts. Or even to determine the identity of the dead.


The skeleton was in poor condition but was still wholly preserved, according to Maik Zimmermann, the Commissioner in charge of the Homicide Department in Frankfurt an der Oder. Unfortunately, comparisons with the DNA of the long-term missing persons from this period between 1965 and 1975 (Still former GDR) were not successful.


The dead woman was about 20 years old at the time of her death. She was 1.60 meters tall and had dark hair. Her shoe size was 38/39. Her face was reconstructed from the skull that was found. A possible cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, as determined by forensic medicine.


Fibres found at the site indicated knitwear of the "Malimo" brand, which was not produced until the mid-1960s in the former GDR. The shoes and stockings were also made of a material that was not used in the GDR until the mid-1960s.


The shaft in which the body was found was apart of a toilet facility. This installation had been installed in the Uferstraße in Fürstenwalde during GDR times. The perpetrator must have acted with specific knowledge of the place. Fürstenwalde was a large garrison of the Soviets in the 1960s.


In the GDR, there were 1000 reasons why people were silent. Otherwise, it was challenging to make a person disappear just like that, as we know from the countless examples of the Stasi files at the records office.


Was the dead person perhaps a stationed force of the Soviet troops in the GDR? Were the concerned relatives silent because of the Soviets stationed there? Many crimes committed by the Soviets were covered up at the time. Or did the then young woman want to flee to the West and fall into the hands of a human trafficker?
Who knows the woman from the 1960s?


The police in Fürstenwalde take hints. Phone: +493361 5680


Source: rbb/Police Brandenburg


Avast is the new name for greed and lace


Huge privacy scandal.


When you first read this message in the PCMac, you didn't want to believe what you were reading.


The virus protection program operator AVAST, based in Düsseldorf and with a large clientele up to now, has been spying on customers for years and then sold the sensitive data.


Sephora, Condé Nast, Google, Yelp, Microsoft, Pepsi, McKinsey are in the foreground, and countless other legal and illegal data collectors are said to have been served. Such in current research of Vice and PCMac.


Whoever installs products from Avast or AVG Antivirus on a Windows PC is informed by a popup on the product whether he wants to pass on the data. Allegedly the data would then be anonymised. Whether this is the case should be doubted.


So far, AVAST has not disclosed all contracts that were served by this. Cleverly, the marketing company Omnicom has a place in front of the potential buyers from autumn 2018. Nobody can say how long before that the spying activities had been going on. AVAST is keeping a low profile.


AVAST says millions were spent on it. Especially nasty for the users, the browser plugin was free. It is said that 435 million data records, including pornography and other purchasing behaviours, were skimmed off every month.


Now the scandal of AVAST and the buyer Omnicom is being pumped down.


It is not clear whether the data from the "All Click Feed" also went to octopuses such as Cambridge Analytica or similar evaluators. To be able to analyse click behaviour in a targeted manner, for example, to be able to influence elections in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Neither the AVAST headquarters in the Czech Republic nor the Düsseldorf representation could be reached for a statement today.


Moreover, AVAST explained that the data had been made anonymous. As the PCMac article points out, this is merely impossible. The collected weblogs were deleted before the personal data of the users were disclosed.


Why would the data be sold for expensive money if it could no longer be assigned?


After the Brexit is before the Brexit


Cynicism doesn't suit Boris Johnson


For a moment, Boris Johnson could rejoice, but only for a brief moment when he, the servant of money and disinformation, gave a bizarre speech to his fellow countrymen.




Johnson managed in his demagogic way to mock the opponents of the Brexit. No one has any hope that the building made of lies by alleged nationalists has got a solid foundation.


One should not make the mistake of confusing Johnson with a conservative like the "Iron Lady" Magret Thatcher. Or with the charisma of Edward Heath. Heath led Britain into the EU.




Johnson declared the secession of Europe with his verbal bullying Jacob Rees-Mogg. Like a maladjusted sandman, Johnson lectured about the Brexit "Get Brexit done".
Let us not forget: the spoiled snobs of the British upper class are concerned with money and not with the welfare of the population. Johnson has no idea what he's doing to the British. There will be poverty and social destitution at the expense of those who voted against the Brexit in a worthless poll, 2016. The "milkmaid's reckoning" of the almost-couping Conservatives will not work out. It will not work if guys like Farage make false promises about the future. Britain's future destiny will hold in check all those who want to break away from Europe. The EU should not get involved. On the contrary, Johnson left without reason.




Strengthen Scotland and Ireland


But Boris Johnson has done his calculations without Nicola Sturgeon. While things were already getting restless in Ireland days before the British withdrew from the EU, the first minister from Scotland is calling for another independence referendum. She said that "grief is tinged with anger and the Scots are striving for independence". A recent poll agrees with the Scottish head of government. Fifty-one per cent of voters would vote for independence and support a return to the EU. So Boris Johnson could only rejoice for a few hours. He didn't deserve any better. Ireland and Northern Ireland are striving for reunification, which should under all circumstances, be supported from Brussels. And so Boris Johnson will have the last laugh.


A treaty with Brussels should, therefore, be carefully considered so that the successors of the British Kingdom are not rewarded for their political incompetence and greed.

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