December 2019
A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

  The crisis arou...

News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

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Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

South African diaries of ...

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December 2019

Ghost ships and Kim Jong-un's scary New Year story

Cozy get-together of cheeseburger lovers in the DMZ

After the meetings between the two rivals last year, it was still believed that a McDonald would soon open in Pyongyang, but now the friends Kim and Trump are once best friends.
Kim seems to the world like one of the protagonists of the 60's movie "Dr. Strangelove" or "Dr. Strangelove, how I learned to love the bomb."
Kim's seven-hour speech at the meeting of officials ( Fifth Meeting of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party) in Pyongyang on the struggle facing the North Korean people was not only tiring but Kim was celebrated him as the greatest hero of socialism, as the KCNA and Chosun Central News Agency  just reported.

Kim acted as the servant of an end-time sect during the speech, reporting on the ultimatum given to the US by the end of the year. He casually threatened the non-socialist countries with struggle. The New Year's speech is usually the high point of political life in the North Korean dictatorship.

Meanwhile, there is also something for the lackeys of the Kim system. The disturbing New Year celebration in the capital Pyongyang. Lots of singing and horrible kitsch.
While Kim Jong-un is reviving the nuclear dispute with his favorite intimate enemy Donald Trump, a latent drama takes place on the Japanese coast, in the big East Sea of North Korea.
Kim Jong-un reads the New Year's story to his starving people. A tale of the miserable socialism of the Juche Party. The North Korean dictator forgets to mention that another fishing boat with seven dead, partly skeletonized, washed up on the east coast of Japan.

Probably octopus fishermen who simply starved or died of thirst on the way.
But in Japan people are shocked, especially since the boat is one of many that have washed up on the shores of Japan in recent years, since 2017. Most of the time, the boats that the authorities find are empty. There are more frequent clashes with boats in the vicinity of the productive fishing grounds. Boats are regularly washed up on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture. This time bodies were missing, heads were there for that. The boat was identified by lettering in Chosŏn'gŭl (North Korean variant).
The fear in the Kingdom of Japan is deeper, as also the Asahi Shimbun in an article stated. But not only because the Kim clan is again threatening with nuclear weapons and missile tests, but also because it is not known whether the wave of kidnappings from the 1970s and 1980s will not be repeated because of the many boats landing on the beaches. At that time, many Japanese who were kidnapped on behalf of the government in Pyongyang disappeared.

Why this happened can only be speculated about until today. One of the most famous cases is that of Megumi Yokota, (横田 めぐみ) who disappeared without a trace in 1977, whose fate is still unknown today. Also at that time, Japanese authorities suspected, the state kidnappers of Pyongyang came as fishermen and landed in boats.



Jens Soering in Hamburg - he wants to celebrate Christmas in the South

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Let's start a new life!

Jens Soering landed yesterday, contrary to the statement of the ICE, with a plane of the AA in Frankfurt. Here he was received by friends, gave a short report for the press and, according to the BILD, travelled on to Hamburg in the afternoon: the 53-year-old German was happy to see the joy. Earlier, while still in deportation custody, he had given an interview to Radio IQ, the journalist Sandy Hausman, who accompanied him for ten years in his prison. Now he wants to go on holiday over Christmas and then do PTSD therapy.


Homecoming without return

The end of the infamous case involving the diplomat's son Jens Söring will take place on Monday. Jens Soering is to be deported to Germany in a AA aircraft, as the US immigration authority ICE calls for an end to the case. A replacement passport is available, and Söring will be able to take the flight to Frankfurt am Main without security.


As the news magazine FOCUS now reports, Soering is scheduled for deportation on Monday evening.

The Soering case has been making waves since the 1980s. The ex of the also convicted Elizabeth Haysom served 33 years for the alleged murder of his girlfriend's parents.

The couples had been brutally murdered in their home in the US state of Virginia in 1985.

In return, Soering, who had fled with Haysom to Great Britain months after the crime, was later deported and was sentenced to two life sentences in the USA. Soering's guilt could not be proven, and he revoked his confession, which he had only made to save Haysom from the death penalty.


Elizabeth Haysom had a pronounced sexual relationship with her mother, as revealed by cross-examination during the trial. Haysom was under a kind of psychotic delusion to kill her parents with "black magic" or "voodoo". She used Soering for her act. But he lied for her and took the deed upon himself, mistakenly thinking that as a diplomat's son he would enjoy immunity. Who committed the crime was never clarified, but the US judiciary had a scapegoat, in this case, Soering.




There was never any proof that Soering was involved in the crime; only unknown DNA traces were found at the scene. Söring has now been released on probation. Contrary to expectations, the German was not pardoned. Haysom kept silent all these years. The born Canadian will be deported to her home country from the USA in the next few weeks.




Wicked telephone terror via +49 17963911634 and +49 17963921634

It always follows the same pattern

A mobile phone number rings. This time the 01738989936, one of many numbers calling these days. You can't reach the phone because you are busy and when it's your turn, they usually hang up. If you call back, it means no answer at this number.

Now, with Christmas coming up, the calls are starting to pile up. Also from Senegal and Ivory Coast.

But if there is someone on the other end of the line who speaks a little German, things get going quickly. Cold calling, forbidden in Germany. The perpetrators feel safe because they have their bases abroad in semi-silent call centres. The unknown perpetrators want to entice the victims to buy something or make donations before Christmas.

It's just the account number of the person called, nothing else. They want the best a person can give, money. So the philosophy of the crooks. As long as annoy and threaten until the desired data is released. If the called party does not immediately follow the call guide, the callers will very quickly become very rough. You should simply hang up, block the number and do the same for further calls. Even if the Balkan mafia threatens if you do not conclude an electricity contract. Or sex contacts are arranged. Others pretend to be employees of vodafon or employees of authorities that do not exist. Most of these calls come from Morocco or Tunisia.

The telephone chips of the providers are reprogrammed and the number is issued as a mobile phone number that does not exist. The telephone companies are powerless against such company constructs. The calls are extremely annoying, because they come in frequency with ever changing numbers. You should not buy anything in these phone calls. The same games of chance or vouchers are offered again and again. Those who do not do as they are told are verbally submissive. Astronomical profits are promised, which of course do not exist. Lock offers made, only to find out the IBAN in order to receive a direct debit mandate later. In addition, some of the callers who communicate with poor German try to sell subscriptions. The tricks are always the same, an acquaintance would have recommended the person called, the lottery company, the neighbour, the woman on the third floor. None of that is true. Or the collection service calls and invents a claim.

The collection calls come from Romania, Turkey and even Nigeria. Day and night. For some smartphones there is an app that filters out such calls. It's called Call Blocker.

The slimmed down version, which is available as freeware, can hardly handle the frequently changing numbers.

All that remains is to hang up and lock the phone.


Mars Science Laboratory- 1419 SE-S

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Martian bat

" What is that? It apparently has hair, a kind of sensor, next to mysterious "worms, other remnants, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson, 2019"

Incredible beauty!

The more often one looks at the pictures of the NASA rover Curiosity, one comes to the conviction that the many small stones make a big puzzle. Everywhere fragments are lying around, which certainly indicate that these are not natural objects, but the remains of a long lost civilization.



Terrassen, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan Neville Thompson, 2019

Terraces, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan Neville Thompson, 2019


Eine Art Gerüst, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan Neville Thompson, 2019


Some kind of scaffolding, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan Neville Thompson, 2019


Ein Stein voller "Würmer", NASA JPL Caltech, GigapanKrug oder Schale, NASA JPL Caltech,  Gigapan, Neville Thompson


A stone full of "worms", NASA JPL Caltech, GigapanJug or Bowl, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson



Eine der Marskrabben, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson  

 One of the Martian crabs, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson


Lebewesen? NASA JPL Caltech, GigaPan , Neville Thompson

 What is this? NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson


"Marsianische Fledermaus"Was ist das? Es hat augenscheinlich Haare, eine Art Sensor,daneben liegen nebst mysteriösen "Würmern, andere Überbleibsel, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson, 2019


"Martian bat" What is that? It apparently has hair, a kind of sensor, next to mysterious "worms, other remains, NASA JPL Caltech, Gigapan, Neville Thompson, 2019





On the pictures of the so-called Gigapan by Neville Thompson, who has been taking pictures of the rover for years, you can see panoramas, thousands of this so-called debris, parts of former dwellings, which certainly did not grow out of the ground like mushrooms, are revealed. The landscape seems to have a desert-like beauty of its own, which in our imagination might be found in Star Wars movies. The many terraces are of an exceptional magnificence, which says a lot about the planet and its past and present beauty.




It is one of the most incredible pictures ever taken on Mars. First of all, we would like to thank the Forum Gigapan for the excellent templates that were created based on the images of the Mars Rover Curiosity.


We pay the highest respect to the author Neville Thompson for the editing of the excerpts.

Nobody is claiming that aliens are currently coming in and out of Mars, but that Mars was once a civilization whose legacy is now being sent to us in little pieces by the great NASA rover.

These are inexplicable images that we filtered out of the entire work.

It is said that there are still people who believe that human beings, in all their ridiculousness and stupidity, are the only crowning glory of creation.

If you look at the following, almost sensational pictures, you will never doubt that something was there.



We took a close look at the picture, a phenomenal overview of the valley of the Gale Crater, where the little rover made its way The entire work reminds one of every earthly

Desert and is just as fascinating, but curiously, there are objects, structures,

Buildings and caves, which certainly did not originate from natural influences. We already know that people can be subject to pareidolia. However, we have to slowly differentiate between what is really there and what the human brain is made up of known components

is put together. Not all stones that are stones can form perfectly natural structures. The mast or that which rises up in the air amazes the observer. No isosceles tubes grow out of the ground, not even on Mars.

We have not commented on most of it, however, we have found almost 2000 different anomalies on the panoramic picture, which we are uploading bit by bit.





Iron March (1) Nuclear Weapons Division - the ugly Nazi has got a stupid face

Nazis love computers and grimaces

Iron March, the alleged splendid edition of the U.S. Nazi movement's Atomic Weapons Division was

I've hooked a John Doe. The fascist terror-internationalists draw in their violent and fantasies of omnipotence the image of a bleak future, which would only be dominated by slavery and killing. It is dark dystrophy of a gang of dangerous criminals who worship war criminals like Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels and Hitler God alike.


Through the populism, the morning air is scenting, who want to put up the gallows again. This circumstance is garnished by perverse pictures and links, which are inhumanity and abnormality no longer to be surpassed.

"Mainly for political reasons, although I support genocide if necessary."

In the breeding ground of terror, people are wrongfully considering how to deal with human material. Camps are favoured and portrayed in all extreme inhumanity, according to the Gulag system, blurring the boundaries of communism and National Socialism. The new and self-proclaimed master race propagates even slavery. ( Books about ethnic cleansing and the instructions for it are also a big hit in the Brown Psychopath chat, followed by the race theory.


Pathetic enough. It's called National Action. Via R E V O L T N S can also be accessed via Facebook. The assassin of Halle can be justified there independently. Facebook has a real problem in this context. The Zuckerberg giant doesn't mind when right-wing thought dirt is published. Facebook loves lip service. No more, but no less either.

About the Nazis, from the time until 1945 there is half-knowledge. Mysticism, like Neuschwabenland and the hereafter so-called Vril-Fluggscheibe and a senseless glorification of the atrocities of the Hitler regime. The user Schwarzmarsch, for example, has no idea at all about Nazi Germany (although he knows a lot about it), but he seems to know something about killing. He makes a big story about fascism. Although he'd have to be a brown Methuselah by now. The Night of the Long Knives was early 1934.


Bundesarchiv Bild 102-15282A, Ernst Röhm

 Ernst Röhm during an SS roll call on the military training area Döberitz, August 1933 Federal Archives, Picture 102-15282A / Georg Pahl / CC-BY-SA 3.0


"The night of the long knives was the best night of my life" 


A murder in these circles, forums, means nothing, probably too many have already happened in the international haze of the brown sediment. The traces are global and run through all strata of society - murder is the expression of heroism in these bizarre, esoteric herb garden circles of those who seek plans for attacks - martyrs in all countries. Even Russian training camps exist for such creatures.

The only frightening thing is that the states close their eyes to this brown sediment. From the lines, it is clear that there must be paramilitaries who roam the country murdering, who see the Norwegian mass murderer Breivik as a model of the new national movement.


Brown bootlickers


Vanguard America inspires User Leon from Germany. This one tries his hand as a loyal vassal on the other side of the Atlantic. Incitement of the people is still a blind game in the misery of the fascists. Opportunities are sought to stir up the situation, fired up by poorly written Russian agitators who promote self-radicalisation.

For most modern people, living in the power of fascism would not be possible. Much of it becomes a secret and conspiratorially planned, although the Nazis themselves do not understand what they are preparing—murder, terror, misery, slavery and war. You are simply too stupid, apart from the fact that conspiratorial bunkers require logistics. Independent thinking, that is too much to ask of right-minded people.

That's only temporary relief.

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