The extraordinary Chris 2nd part
A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

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News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

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Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

South African diaries of ...

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The extraordinary Chris 2nd part Featured

The extraordinary Chris 2nd part Gibraltar, kasaan media, 2018

The light shape of the lie


We have already reported on the somewhat different foreboding and clairvoyant, but his further correspondence prompts us to write a second article about the man from the mailbox in Gibraltar.

When 119 Euro donation is made to the poor Chris, who received everything from the world in between also lore from Nostradamus personally, if the contributions were not paid, letters came, which let doubt the mind of the self-styled coffee set reader. Beside heavenly rituals, which could not be more embarrassing, the exceptional Chris promises power and wealth in abundance. The angels have whispered this to him—"banking angels". Every night, in addition to sleepless nights, Chris has apparitions. Nostradamus seeks help from the hereafter with the oracle, because Chis also promises the fabulous wealth for the one who gives him the donation. This story was provided for the rest of his life. But the weird fortune teller also sees adversity in his misty glass ball: "We are of the same world, you and I, dear... That's why I want to help you. Against everyone and everything! My friend, I know there are reservations in your environment against everything concerning esotericism, magic, the supernatural ...


Maybe they want to keep you from contacting me! But those who criticize you never walk under a ladder themselves," or, moreover, "the faithful friend", as he now calls himself, keeps a diary-like an accountant. Probably only insiders understand the meaning. For all the hocus-pocus that is in, it is supposed to be realized for the one who pays the djinn that glides through space and time.

He even has angels who grant restitution, if you follow the mantras: I know, Chris, you will refund me this small amount in the (improbable) case, should my rituals not have brought me the luck my angel promised me. Besides, there is a whole series of other mantras that the medium insures before the checkout, the test person must agree to this. Yes, Chris, I agree that you help me to protect myself from negative people and events. (Well, most of you!) Yes, Chris, I agree that you will give me the means with which I am finally provided. Yes, Chris, I dream of finding, with your help, the person or people who will illuminate my emotional life. Yes, Chris, I want to be able to get up every morning full of energy, my heart filled with optimism and joy. Yes, Chris, with your help I want to prove to everyone who doesn't believe it is possible!
Therefore I ask you, Chris, to send me as soon as possible the seven rituals dictated to you for me by Oarystis, my angel of light. Chris, can I also ask you to share with me your visions of the future that you see looming for me once I have performed these rituals? Chris, my friend, allow me to give you a small payment in return for the beautiful work you have done for my wellbeing. " Unbelievable that the extraordinary Chris has not yet been in the sights of the authorities. It's about time.
Gibraltar is not at the end of the world. The Royal Gibraltar Police in Casemates Square, Gibraltar, was not yet ready to comment. We will continue to report on this particular parapsychologist shortly. Who else has had experience with the extraordinary Chris? We would be happy to read your story about it as well: Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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