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A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

  The crisis arou...

News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

Update: update 12/17/2...

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

South African diaries of ...

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T4 Page Builder: Spa and Beauty Salon website bundle is now released!

Hi everyone,

Finally, our gorgeous Spa and Beauty Salon T4 Page builder website bundle is released. Different from other templates, our bundle combines all the important elements for a good website: fully responsive, well-tailored design, and especially, it is fully customizable and editable using the T4 Builder's 100% visual design!

Weekend Updates: 56 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9.25

Joomla 3.9.25 released for 9 security vulnerabilities and contains more than 40 bug fixes and improvements. We have updated 30+ templates so far, this week, we would like to announce the another batch update for 56 more Joomla templates.

Vote 3rd party extensions to support on JA Content Listing module

Hi guys,

We are so happy that the JA Content Listing module is receiving a lot of good feedback from users. Ease of use and well-performing in any template and framework, our extension promised to face lifting your blog in just a few clicks, makes you a professional content administrator.

As its effectiveness is proven day by day, we're working to make it the most powerful content listing module for any Joomla site.

JA Blockk New Version Released: 4 new Home variations, In-built Author feature, 16 header & footer styles and more


We are so privileged to announce the new version release of JA Blockk (version 1.1.0) - the ultimate solution for any Joomla blog, news, and magazine website. Not just a simple template, JA Blockk is built as an ultimate feature that requires many complicated development tasks.

Let’s see what’s new in this version:

  • 4 new home page variations for fashion, gaming and entertainment
  • Complete built-in Author pages
  • 9 header styles
  • 7 footer styles

How to create author page and author block for your Joomla website using T4 Joomla template framework.

Author is a missing feature in Joomla core, and as this is an important part of any blog, news & magazine website, we have updated our framework and template to improve the weakness with our Author-page solution in the new T4 Framework. Now you can easily build a multi-author blog, news & magazine website.

South Africa and Namibia


SARS Covid19 and the consequences - We stay at home and practice social distancing

SARS Covid19 and the consequences - We stay at hom…

22 March, 2020 | Hits:421

  Loss of reality is a matter of life and death. What is so difficul...

Cold Case

News from the Gang of Brabant

News from the Gang of Brabant

29 December, 2017 | Hits:349

Update: update 12/17/2018 Who recognises these number plates or vehicl...

South Africa

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

Die Stem van die Apartheid (1/1999)

27 October, 2017 | Hits:335

South African diaries of the 1980s (1st volume)   A poem from Pieterm...


A planet called Corona

A planet called Corona

28 March, 2020 | Hits:402

  The crisis around the globe The Corona crisis has affected the whol...


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